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Thanks!! I've been following Dane W. for years now... He's on it. He's very smart.

Uh oh. Sounds like Dane has become a believer in the "Climate Change" bullshit. I am sooooooooooo disappointed. He's brainwashed. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Yes, we're trashy, but WE are NOT causing WARMING. There is no "climate crisis." There's tons of research on this. BUT, I do believe we need to STOP the chem trails asap. We aren't going to be around long (unless we stop this genocide), because it's DELIBERATE. Cheers.

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I'm not sure he really said we are the cause? I may have missed it. Was one of the most in depth interviews I've heard with Dane. I'm just shocked that people just don't realize how important this issue is! You're the only person who seems to have checked it out. I probably should have titled it differently.

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Maybe they don't know him by name... ?

I very much liked the movie "The Dimming," and he didn't, as far as I recall, talk about "climate change" in that... That was a great film.

I've been following him, here and there, for at least a decade, but I've never heard him parrot the "climate change" and it's "all our fault" bullshit... So, it's disappointing, but that doesn't mean I don't LIKE him no mo. ^_^

Try a different title, maybe? But chem trails are a very thorny and High Priority for me, which maybe isn't true for a lot of people...? Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving... check my page for a James Corbett tiptoe though the garden of Gratefulness... ^_^

I'm grateful for YOU, and my Substacker Family, which likely would never have been the case if not for the Psychotic Monsters doing their Evil... xo

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