Happy Thanksgiving, Rob D! I agree wholeheartedly and share your fears that this warm, wonderful day teeters on the brink of nonsense. We have a work group chat channel that stayed, for the most part, fun and celebratory in its texts, gifs, and memes today. But there was that one person who chimed in, "And for all of those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a great day tomorrow". Now, that's a perfectly acceptable comment from someone based overseas, but pretty suspect from someone who sits behind a laptop a few miles down the road from me in the good old USA.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Rob. And, Happy Black Friday! Lol. ''Black Friday,'' imo, dishonors Thanksgiving by piggybacking on it. I hate that shit.

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I agree.

I know, it's waaaay after TG, but I'm still in Hell, and postcards are in short supply...

I got a "christmas" card from my folks' church... a snowman SALUTING THE AMERICAN FLAG.

Fuckin A.

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