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Love the bear!! I don't have any alerts except weather, and I'm so thankful for that.

The world survived just fine before all this and we can survive now. I have so much peace not knowing anything that's happening publicly. I always say, if it doesn't affect me, which it literally never does, I don't need to know.

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I wasn't scared.

I was more annoyed at the paranoia surrounding this story.

There was no substance to it.

I'm not a skeptical person, like I spotted the "died with covid" scam at the start of the pandemic.

I guess it's a new class of people who started to question things who are still not experienced enough to question everything, even " your side" stuff.

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My wife and I knew it was coming, so we did a test. She turned her phone off. It still came through when she turned her phone back on. I put my phone on airplane mode and in a Faraday bag. It never came through. This might be the only way to *really* stop phones from transmitting data.

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“why wouldn’t you want presidential alerts?” How could you trust anything they said at this point. They’re lying manipulative assholes and they don’t care about our wellbeing or safety. A presidential alert is just a joke. If they said a nuke landed in New York I’m not even sure I’d believe that. I don’t watch any news at all. I figure if it’s that important and I need to know, someone will tell me. I’m often in discussions with people and they’ll bring up something like, oh wasn’t it terrible that woman and her kids, and I’m like, don’t know what you’re talking about. But haven’t you watched the news? This happened and that happened and it was awful. Exactly, that’s why I don’t watch the news. People seem aghast but I just shrug, I am happy.

A funny thing happened recently I received some of my old military files which included the responses from my initial board interview when I was about 18. One of the officers commented, knows absolutely nothing about current affairs. Made me laugh. And I still don’t. So I obviously worked it out from a young age.

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not only phones.

It was annoying, pathetic and dumb.

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Good points, Rob. My device was nowhere to be seen that day. I ousted my TV in 1991. So, I hear you about all of that. Take care...'' Be Safe! ''

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Seems one of the main goals of all alerts, ads, breaking news is to jack every one up and keep the emotional vibration state high.

It is more easy for them to beam when all the receivers are energized.

Like piggy back one set of waves on top of another.

The receivers needs to vibrate at the carrier frequency in order to get the messages.

A message is like an energetic massage.

They massage (or try to) our mind to send us messages.

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Maybe it's not about keeping us safe.

Perhaps it's about setting us up to be liable to harassment for ignoring official notices in the future.

It almost looks like they're preparing for official orders delivered electronically to have the legal force of a legal order from the administrative branch of government, and therefore non-compliance might make people subject to law enforcement 'intervention'.

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I'm so with you on this!

But here's another solution: Dump the cell phones and shut down the gd towers. That alone could probably save MILLIONS of lives, even if those lives are slowly ebbing away (frogs in the pot).

And remember (if you're not so young) when we used RADIOS?

We got "emergency tests" on our radios. No 5G needed. No tracking us, zapping us, etc etc.

I want public phone booths back.

I want the trees and bees to survive.

I want to stop the slow degradation of my body to STOP. (Yes, NATURAL degradation is a given, but...!)

When will people wake the hell up? I am actually losing faith that they will. Most people just tune it out, as it were. But some of us are affected more easily. I can tell you, it's HELL being cooked slowly.

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